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What To Expect During An Air Conditioning Installation

When it comes to commercial spaces, getting your air conditioning fitted is generally a simple process. But, if you’re not sure what to expect, our brief guide will walk you through the key steps so that you can prepare. To find out more, keep on reading!

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General Steps When Fitting Air Conditioning Systems

These are the general steps that are taken by an air conditioning company when completing your installation. You can double check with your installation service if you feel unsure about any of the steps and they will inform you about the process.

Measuring The Space

Before going ahead with the installation, your commercial space will be measured and evaluated to ensure that the right system is installed. Your air conditioning company will consider things like floor space, wall space, the usage and number of AC units needed for your space.

Picking The Right System

Commercial properties will have different requirements in comparison to residential properties. After your evaluation, your air conditioning installer will pick the most suitable system for your building based on the requirements of your commercial space. Depending on space, size, and the volume of air flow, your installer will choose the most effective option.

Check The Temperature Conditions

Your AC system will most likely be designed to keep a comfortable temperature in your commercial space. Your installer will ensure that your system helps to maintain an ambient temperature and keep your building well circulated.

Duct Installation

The outlet of commercial AC air is usually through ducts, so proper planning and layout is essential for making sure the air conditioning systems work properly. Your installer will inspect your ductwork to make sure that AC is fitted appropriately in the right areas.

Safety Checks

A few safety checks will be carried out, such as:

● The wall can bear the weight of the AC system

● Enough space around the system for repairs

● Installed out of direct sunlight and heat sources

● A thermostat will also be installed so the temperature can be safely controlled


After your air conditioning system has been fully installed and safety checked, your installer will most likely run a few more tests and check if the system is working properly. After everything has been tested and checked, your new air conditioning system will be ready to go!

Complete Cooling

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