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Three Benefits of Cold Rooms in Commercial Kitchens

Working in a professional kitchen isn’t for the faint-hearted, being a fast-paced, high-pressure environment, and not to mention - hot. On top of the heat of a bustling kitchen where chefs are continuously cooking, everyone is also constantly moving around each other in an attempt to work as efficiently as possible; as such, space is considered a premium in a commercial kitchen.

This is why a cold room can be an incredibly useful addition, both for preserving fresh ingredients and increasing work efficiency. Read on as we list three of the top benefits a cold room could bring to any commercial kitchen.

Cold room

1. Greater Capacity

There’s no doubt that a cold room offers far more space than a fridge. In restaurants and other businesses that prepare food, they typically tend to have an abundance of fresh ingredients that are used in the preparation of their food, all of which will need to be kept chilled in order to preserve its quality.

Though commercial fridges are built to do this, they only offer so much space, whereas cold rooms are ideal for storing both trays or boxes of smaller items as well as any bulkier items that need to be kept cool. This is also helpful for busier periods, when businesses need to stock more ingredients than usual.

2. Easier Organisation

As well as offering more space, cold rooms also allow for better organisation. By having the space to spread out and categorise ingredients, it’s easy for employees to find and obtain the ingredients they need at any time rather than having to find things in a packed fridge, thus promoting better work efficiency.

This combined with the space available also means multiple workers will be able to use the cold room at once, rather than having to wait turns to get to the fridge.

3. Better Temperature Control

When it comes to temperature control, cold rooms are incredibly efficient. With commercial kitchen refrigeration, temperatures often need to be very specific depending on the goods being stored. In the case of cold rooms, once the desired temperature is set, this will remain consistent the whole time the cold room is running.

Furthermore, they are incredibly well-insulated, meaning the cold air will stay in the room each time the door is opened and closed (which, in a commercial kitchen, is a lot), making them highly energy-efficient. This also means they are better equipped to handle any power cuts, since they are able to protect produce from spoiling by remaining colder for extended periods.

Cold Room Services

If you’re looking for your ideal commercial refrigeration solutions, then look no further than Complete Cooling Services.

Based in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester, we offer professional walk-in cold room installations for commercial settings, along with other refrigeration solutions including blast chillers, ice machines and beer cellars.

For more information about our bespoke commercial refrigeration services, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can organise a solution that meets your requirements.

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