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Four Ways That You Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Whether it’s your home or your commercial building, improving your air quality has a range of benefits for your house members or employees. Bad air quality can lead to a range of short and long-term health problems, so staying safe is of the utmost importance. To find out our top 5 ways that you can improve your indoor air quality, keep on reading!

Air conditioned office

Improving Your Air Quality

Maintaining good air quality is vital to keeping your building safe and people in them healthy. Some signs of poor indoor air quality could be:

● Headaches & Dizziness

● Eye irritation

● Fatigue

● Dry Throat

● Nausea

There may be other symptoms of sick building syndrome which can be more difficult to spot, however if you suspect that your building has poor air quality, these are a few things you can try to make some improvements.

Change Your AC Filters

If you have a home aircon, or AC in your commercial building, you are probably already aware of the cooling temperature they bring. While they are cooling and regulating the air in your building, they’re also filtering out some common air pollutants. Over time, these air filters fill up and stop working properly, so having them regularly maintained should help with making your air quality better.

Invest In An Air Purifier

Air purifiers can be extremely effective in reducing our exposure to harmful pollutants. It can help massively with your exposure to irritants and allergens. They can help to prevent air quality issues from arising, and in your home they can even help to improve your sleep.

Fresh Air

Opening windows and doors, especially through the winter, may not be anyone’s first choice, however a good amount of fresh air will circulate your building and keep the air quality healthy.

Plants are nature’s air purifiers, and if you aren’t keen on keeping your windows wide open, using plants to help filter out the pollutants could be another natural way to freshen up the air.

Keep It Clean

It may sound simple, but it’s extremely effective. Keeping your home or commercial building clean will do wonders for your air quality. Dust, debris and all sorts of other pollutants can make you feel unwell if you leave them to settle. Keeping a clean space will help you to stay protected from irritants.

Complete Cooling

If you’re looking to improve your air quality with a new and improved HVAC system, or are looking for an air conditioning company to help you with your current system, look no further. Here at Complete Cooling, our staff are efficient and professional when dealing with any wind of AC solutions.

For further information or to speak to our team directly, feel free to contact us today!

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