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Air Conditioning Planned Preventative Maintenance Services In Nottingham, Derby And Leicester

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Complete Cooling Services provides comprehensive air conditioning installations, maintenance and repairs for customers across Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.

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Avoid Problems and Maximise Efficiency

To help mitigate the risk costly breakdowns and repairs, planned preventative maintenance is critical. There are a number of ways in which to incorporate a maintenance plan but the key thing is to have one in place so that your system has the best chance of maintaining peak performance.


If you don't have a maintenance plan in place, you may see the following: 

  • Increased stress to parts and the unit itself

  • Increased power usage

  • Inefficient cooling temperatures

  • Poor air output

  • Regular breakdowns

  • Possible system failure


Our engineers will check for damage and leaks and inspect refrigerant gas / coolant levels. We will also replace worn belts, lubricate motor parts, clean indoor and outdoor coils, check the electrics and wiring, test the thermostat and recharge the refrigerant if required.

Preventative maintenance will help you reduce your energy bills and extend the life of equipment and parts, so that your system continues to operate at its optimum. It also helps avoid premature replacement and unnecessary - and costly - breakdowns.


If you need further guidance on preventative care or require a comprehensive inspection of your air conditioning system in the Nottingham, Derby or Leicester area, then please contact Complete Cooling Services.

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