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Ceiling ducting for heat exchangers

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Efficient & Reliable Heat Exchangers In Nottingham

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Complete Cooling Services provides comprehensive air conditioning installations, maintenance and repairs for customers across Nottingham.

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Complete Cooling Services have a professional and qualified team of engineers who specialise in heat exchanger technology. We can provide you with a heat exchanger that's tailored to your premises and requirements. Whether you are based in the Nottingham region, please get in touch with Complete Cooling Services Ltd.


What Are Heat Exchangers Used For?


A heat exchanger is a device that allows heat from a fluid to pass to a second fluid without them coming into direct contact. By doing this, the heat exchanger simply removes hot air from the room whilst supplying the room with cool air.


Heat exchangers can be found in various places and are a popular choice when it comes to keep buildings, engines or machines cool. Therefore, they are ideally used in refrigeration and air conditioning units for commercial and domestic purposes. They are commonly used in food production for the chilling and refrigeration of produce.

Our Range Of Heat Exchangers Nottingham

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers Nottingham

These have one fluid that flows through a set of metal tubes while the second fluid passes through a sealed shell that surrounds them. The two fluids can flow in the same direction (known as parallel flow), in opposite directions (counterflow or counter-current), or at right angles (cross flow). These can be easily serviced and maintained.


Plate Heat Exchangers Nottingham

Similar to shell and tube heat exchangers, they work by using a series of stacked plates and as a result, exchange heat at a much faster rate. They are usually brazed or gasketed depending on the application and fluids being used. As they are made with stainless steel, they are most suitable for refrigerators or in food and beverage processing.


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