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Complete Cooling Services offers peace of mind and value for money with our complete chiller installation service in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. 


Let our qualified and professional team of engineers provide you with a high-quality installation of your required chiller unit or system. 


With over 40 years in the industry, we have built an exceptional reputation and pride ourselves on giving you a service that meets the highest standards.


As well as installation, we can carry out monthly and yearly maintenance checks. The monthly checks cover detection of foreign debris in the condenser coil inlets, visual inspections for water leaks, inspections of solder joints for evidence of oil or water leaks, checks of electrical connections and components, listening for excessive vibrations or motor noise, checks of system fluid and also checks of fan and pump rotation.

Yearly maintenance covers:


  • Draining and refilling with clean solution if dirty

  • Checks of motor amp draws and voltage supplies

  • Checks of operating pressures

  • Checks of super-heating and sub-cooling processes

  • Inspection for leaks

  • Checks for excess wear or burned motor contacts

  • Washing out of the condenser coils (if it's an air cooled system)


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Complete Cooling Services provides comprehensive chiller installations, maintenance and repairs for customers across Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire.

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