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Reliable Air Conditioning In Nottingham

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Installation, Maintenance & Repairs For Air Cons In Nottingham 

For our clients in Nottingham, Complete Cooling Services delivers air conditioning installations, maintenance and repairs.

  • 107 years of combined industry experience & knowledge
    Complete Cooling Services Ltd has supplied commercial air conditioning in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester for many years. We’re true industry experts, with only the most highly trained and skilled technicians on our team - together, we have over 107 years worth of experience combined.
  • Fully trained & qualified team
    We take particular pride in offering premium-quality air conditioning services in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester thanks to our expert team, who have all the necessary training and qualifications when it comes to installing commercial aircon.
  • Ensuring our customers get the best service possible
    We’ve also established great working relationships with suppliers to ensure that our customers get the best air conditioning products available, at the best possible prices.
  • Ensuring you are fully compliant
    We are able to advise you on the most recent legislation and legal requirements for all on-site heating, cooling and air conditioning systems. Many are now legal requirements and fines can be applied should you not adhere to the latest legislation.
  • Updating you on current legislation requirements
    Have you had your F-gas logbooks updated? Do you even have any F-gas logbooks? what about Energy Performance Certificates? Do you actually need one? We can give you the answers.
  • Helping you meet your audit requirements
    Do you have an audit coming up and are not sure what you need in place to cover your on-site air conditioning and refrigeration equipment? Contact us and we can help.
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Air Conditioning Unit Nottingham 

Complete Cooling Services has been a top provider of household air conditioning for houses in Nottingham for more than 40 years. A house air conditioning system is advantageous for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it makes your property a much more pleasant and ventilated place to live. With our free survey and air conditioning quotation programme, it is also really simple to invest in a home air conditioning system.


Our helpful and professional staff will assist you in deciding which type of house air conditioning would be most suitable for your needs. We kindly offer a 3-year manufacturer's warranty on every purchase, and we also offer air conditioning installation services for each item you purchase.


You can always be confident that you will only ever receive the highest level of customer service and attention thanks to a cohort of highly skilled engineers with a lot of knowledge in AC solutions.

Air Conditioners In Nottingham

Home air conditioning makes your home a much more comfortable place to live. In winter, you’re able to wake up, come home from work and spend your days in a welcoming and cosy home, and in summer, you’re able to escape the heat in a beautifully cool space.


Give yourself full control over your home’s temperature with an air conditioning system from Complete Cooling Services Ltd.


Contact us today to find out more.

Complete Cooling Services

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