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Air Conditioning Installation Nottingham | AC Installation Nottingham | Air Con Installation Nottingham

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation In Nottingham

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Commercial AC Installation Nottingham

Complete Cooling Services provides comprehensive air conditioning installations for commercial clients. Why not take a look at some of the feedback we've received?

  • 107 years of combined industry experience & knowledge
    Complete Cooling Services Ltd has supplied commercial air conditioning in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester for many years. We’re true industry experts, with only the most highly trained and skilled technicians on our team - together, we have over 107 years worth of experience combined.
  • Fully trained & qualified team
    We take particular pride in offering premium-quality air conditioning services in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester thanks to our expert team, who have all the necessary training and qualifications when it comes to installing commercial aircon.
  • Ensuring our customers get the best service possible
    We’ve also established great working relationships with suppliers to ensure that our customers get the best air conditioning products available, at the best possible prices.
  • Ensuring you are fully compliant
    We are able to advise you on the most recent legislation and legal requirements for all on-site heating, cooling and air conditioning systems. Many are now legal requirements and fines can be applied should you not adhere to the latest legislation.
  • Updating you on current legislation requirements
    Have you had your F-gas logbooks updated? Do you even have any F-gas logbooks? what about Energy Performance Certificates? Do you actually need one? We can give you the answers.
  • Helping you meet your audit requirements
    Do you have an audit coming up and are not sure what you need in place to cover your on-site air conditioning and refrigeration equipment? Contact us and we can help.
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Commercial Air Con Installations Nottingham

What is it we do?


We specialise in finding the right solution for your needs whatever your requirements are. From a small office to a large office building, we can supply the right bespoke solution for you.


We carry out a full site survey - free of charge - to assess your specific requirements. Whilst on site, we can provide recommendations to help you move forward. As a company that has been operating now for 19 years, we pride ourselves not only on our installation service but also our ability to service your air conditioning systems so that they continue to be an asset for your business.

What does this mean to me?


Well, what you don't want to do is install your system(s) and then have no support going forward. We ensure that your system(s) will operate to its optimum efficiency and continue to do so for its full lifespan (typically 15-20 years dependent on usage). We provide full breakdown and troubleshooting service should you need it. We also provide full Planned Preventative Maintenance contracts so you can have peace of mind that your system(s) is being serviced regularly by competent engineers.


What types of system are there?


Wall Mounted, Ceiling Cassette, Under Ceiling, Floor Mounted and Ducted (Concealed) Units.


Do these systems Heat as well as Cool?


Yes, all of our Air Conditioning (sometimes referred to as 'Air Source Heat Pump systems') provide Heating as well as Cooling, thereby providing a comfortable temperature all-year-round for your employees.


How efficient are these systems?


Air conditioning systems are extremely efficient - so much so that the UK Government is actively encouraging Companies to install them. As a rule of thumb, for every 1 kW of electricity put into an ASHP system, you can get up to 4 kW of Heat out. Compare that to the average electrical heater, where 3 kW of electricity goes in and roughly 2.9 kW of heat comes out.


How long does it take to install the system?


Typically a Wall Mounted system would be 1 day (for a small system), with a Ceiling Cassette being up to 2 days (roughly speaking).


How often do I need to service my system/s?


We advise that your system be serviced every 6 months to ensure peace of mind and to maintain your manufacturer's parts warranty.


To find out more information or to book a Free Site Survey, contact us now.

Complete Cooling Services

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